In order to finance the purchase, you can apply for a loan at your bank. To be granted a loan, you must provide evidence of stable income so that you can ensure the bank that you can repay the annual interest rate.

It is important that you choose a bank that is reliable and will help you make a good deal. Some banks can offer you either a fixed interest rate on you loan or one that moves. Make sure that you understand what both imply and how they effect you, before you make a decision.

For all purchases, you are required to make a down payment, which equals 15-25% of the acquisition price. If you finance your purchase with a loan, you are allowed to make a deduction of your loan interest rate on your income declaration.

Mortgage deeds and title deeds are additional costs to take into account before you purchase a property. Mortgage deeds works as a safety for the loan, meaning that if you are unable to repay your loan, the bank can require you to sell the house so that it can get the loan back and some of the interest. Title deed is a proof of you being the owner of the property. During the purchase, you pay a stamp duty that equals approximately a 1,5% charge of the purchase price plus an additional fee of approximately 800 kr.